An engraved cherry blossom detail. Personal commission for Mrs. S.A.
22 January 2016
'There is a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in.' Detail from an upcoming installation.
18 January 2016
Every piece starts with this basic process. Sharpening a leather cutting knife on a wet natural stone.
28 November 2015
Process: Internal structure detail, a display unit the studio is building to support several thousand steel spheres. Will be installed at LN-CC soon.
08 October 2015
Leather colours.
26 August 2015
Please email for info.
30 July 2015
Detail and process: engraved and saddle-stitched pullers for a soon-to-be-unveiled women's handbag.
29 July 2015
Unexpected beauty, leather cutting block with thousands of knife markings.
27 July 2015
Umbrella handle.
15 July 2015
In process: Engraved trial sections of a serpent's body in incredible boxcalf leather.
18 June 2015
'Overgrown' umbrella with horsehair . A private commission for someone very eccentric.
20 May 2015
"Funeral of Swallow", side 1, inlay layout plan. 506 separate individually cut leather pieces were assembled to form the floral pattern. The finished piece is available to view at the "What is Luxury?" exhibition at the V&A museum, until the 27th of September.
11 May 2015
Sneak peek, secret installation detail. Opening 07/05/2015.
1 May 2015
After a 2 year stretch of search & trial, the most amazing goat leather from a tannery in a small town in southern France. This is for Method card holders & wallets.
30 April 2015
Process: solid ebony wood pole being polished. This will get a crocodile leather handle and silver hardware. The very best umbrella you can get.
27 April 2015
'What is Luxury?' exhibition private view at the V&A. 'Funeral of a Swallow' briefcase by Studio Ruuger and 'The Royal Lancers Mess Kit' by Dege & Skinner of Savile Row.
22 April 2015
'Indecisive' tote. Handstitched handle detail.
21 April 2015
Handmade solid brass locks, plated in ruthenium. These are made bespoke for us, I find them so brutal yet beautiful.
1 April 2015
'Half' umbrella handle detail. Full grain saddle stitched goat leather with hallmark engraved brass cap. In store soon.
31 March 2015
The 'indecisive' tote bag process II. Saddle stitched strap holders.
20 March 2015
The 'indecisive' tote bag process I. Black, medium blue, elephant grey.
19 March 2015
Funeral of a Swallow process II
16 March 2015
Funeral of a Swallow process I
9 March 2015
Over the shoulder.. experimentation stage.
11 February 2015
A glimpse of the development stage... New project for the V&A.
10 February 2015
Stitched by hand.
13 January 2015
Full range of umbrellas now in store at LN-CC.
12 January 2015
Crocodylus niloticus in black for a very special commission.
06 January 2015
First morning back in the studio after the NY...missed you Madame Silvia!
05 January 2015
Store coming soon
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